About The New “TOM” Site

This site is essentially a migration from the original TOM site which was using Joomla! I decided to migrate to Wordpress mainly for layout and commenting purposes, with Wordpress easier for me to hack than Joomla!

The articles are not fully migrated yet, and those which have been migrated need to be reformatted and permalinks added. That’ll take a bit of time.

The TOM project in and of itself remains on hiatus, though the articles would still come trickling in from Farish. We’ll be launching our new project “sometime next year”, which would be BIGGER and FUNKIER than this, so consider this site as just a temporary stopping point.

I hope you readers like this new look.

Thanks for your support.

– Yusseri

p.s. The Original site can still be accessed at: http://www3.othermalaysia.org/